Moss walls offer you a multitude of options. Vertical green walls can be composed entirely according to your wishes. We are happy to help you with this. Draw your own design, or let Mosco designers make a design for you. Every project undergoes a complete study so that every wall can be provided with vertical greenery. Not only aesthetically beautiful but also acoustically absorbent. And completely maintenance-free. Contact us for more information about this product.



Our mosswalls consist of real plants en are 100% naturally stabilized.


Our mosswalls need no maintenance, no water, no daylight. It’s true!


Mosswalls act as a sound-absorbing buffer, a strong advantage in noisy office environments.


Every mosswall design is handmade. Every composition is unique. Our florists put every mosswall together with great care, real custom work!



 We’d like to come by and listen to your wishes. We can then determine the moss composition of the mosswall and visualize a design.

Then we measure the location. How big can the mosslogo or mosswall be, which colour accents are present, how should the wall be finished?

If you wish to use your logo in a mosswall, be sure to send us this logo in vector format (.ai .eps .svg).


On the basis of this information, we will work out a proposal, which we will then provide to you without obligation.

If at this stage something changes to your wishes, we will adjust our proposal without any problems.



 If you agree with the proposal, the creative team will start by mossing the mosswall in our workshop.

The production of the mosswalls is accurate and precise work. The craftsmanship makes it possible to also provide moss to very small places.

In the production of your mosswall, we always take into account the back wall on which we have to place our mosses (concrete, wood, gypsum, etc.), and also provide a suspension system.


Finally, the mosswall is checked so that it is ready for installation.

We then set a delivery date so that you can immediately enjoy nature.

We can deliver after office hours and even during the weekend, so your employees and/or customers are not disturbed by any installation activities.

It can be as simple as that!


Why don't mosswalls need light, water or maintenance?

Our mosses are stabilized, which means that they have been treated with a sugar solution (glycerine). This process ensures that all the natural juices are replaced by this sugar solution. As a result, we no longer need to give the plants water or maintenance. All germs, spores or bacteria are removed, leaving the plant sterile. This sterile property is particularly important in germ-free environments, such as hospitals, care institutions, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry.

In addition to the fact that the plant remains sterile, a stabilized plant has other advantages: it does not need water, sunlight or pruning. This means that a mosswall can hang safely in a dark space, such as a gloomy entrance hall or meeting room. They are ideal for giving a gloomy corner a little more colour and life!

And that’s not all! Mosses are a good indicator of humidity. As soon as the humidity drops below 40%, the mosses will harden. But don’t panic, because as soon as the humidity rises above 40% again, the mosses will regain their natural softness.

Why are mosswalls a good acoustic dampener?

Acoustics means the reflection of sound in a certain room. For example, in a room with a large window area, the reflection will be greater. This causes noise pollution, and will negatively affect productivity on the work floor. Everyone is familiar with this annoying reverberation.

Mosswalls are a good acoustic dampener because of their structure. Mosses consist of several small branches, which makes the sound less reflective and weakens the reverberation. Therefore, we recommend placing moss panels opposite a window if possible, to absorb the reflection as much as possible.

If you would like more information about the acoustic dampening properties of our mosses, be sure to consult our technical datasheet.

What raw materials do we use to make a mosswall?


We use 3 types of moss to create our mosswalls:

Flat moss or sheet moss

This type of moss has a thickness of 10mm to 30mm. This is a big advantage where short depth is desired. It is the best option if a fire-retardant effect is important, for example in healthcare institutions and hospitals.

Ball moss or spherical moss

With this type of moss, the thickness varies between 20mm and 70mm. This moss is available in different thicknesses and sizes.

Moss walls made of spherical moss have a lot of relief and slopes, with different shades of green. This gives the effect of a green hilly landscape in 3D. Together with our client we determine the desired effect and work out a proposal.

Lichen or reindeer moss

Lichen or reindeer moss (cladina stellaris) is actually not moss, but a symbiosis between algae and fungus. This type of moss is originally white in colour but can be coloured in a wide variety of colours through a natural process. Lichen has a branched structure and feels incredibly soft to the touch.


How does the placement of a mosswall happen?

All mosswalls are prepared in our workshop. The moss panels are made to measure, this means that an accurate measurement of the location is absolutely necessary. As soon as the moss panels are ready for installation, a delivery date is agreed upon in consultation with our customer. If necessary, Mosco will install the panels outside working hours and even during the weekend, so that your customers will not be inconvenienced by the installation!

During the installation, we attach the moss panels to the wall. Our moss panels are maximum 1m2 and weigh +/- 8kg. The fixing is done mechanically, by means of screws and plugs. Drilling is therefore required. Don’t worry, we have professional tools to carry out this work. As soon as the installation is done, we do a quality check and if necessary, repairs are carried out.

Our datasheet gives an overview of the installation method.



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